Addressing your Concerns

Some common concerns when undergoing home renovation project include: allowing a stranger into your home, disrupting your daily routine, and making a mess around your home. At Knataitis Construction we do our best to address these issues. Before starting your home renovation project there will be a pre-construction meeting where you will be introduced to your project lead, who will either be an owner, or one of our lead carpenters. Our lead carpenters are qualified not only through their craftsmanship, but also their interpersonal skills, problem solving, and trustworthiness. Each of our project leads share a passion for quality and customer satisfaction, and will not be finished with your project until you are satisfied.
In the pre-construction meeting many details will be ironed out to help reduce the inconvenience of undergoing a home renovation. Start and stop time is one factor that we will cover in this meeting. We will let you decide when you are comfortable with our crew arriving in the morning, and how late they can stay in the afternoon. Our goal is to disrupt your morning or evening routines as little as possible. Additionally we will discuss things such as material and tool storage, dumpster placement (if needed), parking etc. We have found that discussing these things before the start of the project helps to reduce the disturbance. There is no avoiding it, some renovation projects are messy, however by supplying our crews with zip-walls, drop cloths, and shop vacs we do our best to reduce the mess. No matter the size or scope of your home renovation project, we aim to not only give you a quality product, but also the best possible construction experience.

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