Mission Statement

Knataitis Construction will provide planning, management,and other
construction services to owners and professionals in the construction
industry. By developing a collaborative environment, we can be an
integral part of the success and satisfaction of everyone involved with a project.

Central Values

Collaboration. We believe that the most effective way to have successful construction projects is through teamwork.

Communication is key. Sharing of information leads to fewer complications, improved resolution of problems, and ultimately, greater satisfaction for all parties involved with a project.

Safety first, last, and always. All of us at Knataitis Construction take a proactive approach to safety because we realize that it takes everyone’s individual commitment to ensure that all workers can go home to their families at the end of the day.

Education is the gateway to the future. By maintaining a continuous education program our team is able to stay abreast of current issues and technologies in the construction industry, while encouraging the personal and professional growth of all employees.

Completion of the job, and continued service. It is important to finish as strong as we start; all portions of the job are equally important. Even after the project is handed over to the owner we continue our relationship with them, providing service to ensure their absolute satisfaction.

Community At Knataitis Construction, we believe in, and encourage involvement in the community. Through volunteer work and service to the community, we can all improve the lives of those around us.