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When to contact us

One of the most common inquiries we get is when do we contact you? Many people are not sure if they should first contact a builder, get financing pre-approved, or contact an architect and get a design. We recommend contacting us as soon as you have a budget in mind. This allows us to work up a design and timeline with you, which helps to avoid wasting your time on designs that do not match up with your budget or timeline, saving you much time and money. We do however have experience working with people at all phases of the process, from not yet having a plot of land, to having a full design and approved financing, and have had success with each of them. No matter what phase of the process you may be in we highly encourage you to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you move forward with your project.

The Knataitis Construction Advantage.

Building a new home is one of the largest investments of both time and money that most people will make in their lifetime, which is why it is so important to work with a company that will not only give you a quality product, but one that you can trust. At Knataitis Construction we strive to give you maximum value for your investments, and work to make the homebuilding process as simple and efficient as possible. To help with this we now offer an online client gateway. The client gateway offers you the ability to view; daily job logs, schedule updates, and the budget, as well as communicate with project managers and make selections for your project. In addition to this clients will receive weekly email updates on their project with a summary of the weekly job logs and any changes to the schedule. This gateway has proven to be a huge time saver to clients, and has been extremely helpful in keeping jobs on schedule.

Since starting Knataitis Construction in 2005, we have built a very dependable and quality driven team. This team not only includes our in-house carpenters, but also specialty trade contractors and architects, who share our high standards for quality and customer satisfaction. We have developed a policy to never allow someone to work on your project who we would not trust to work on our own homes. Whether you are considering a new custom home, log cabin, or addition to your existing home it is our goal to give you the best product and experience possible, and we will not leave until you are satisfied.

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